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Alana Lacey– I am living in a house with two puppies and one full grown dog, and the carpet service left the carpets looking good as new. Awesome job and a great price.
Sherene Harizavi– Came when they said would and were very professional and did a fantastic job on our carpets. We have lived in this house for 5 years, our carpets are God knows how old and we have kids and pets. Our carpet looked truly horrifying and Beyer Carpet Cleaning made it look nearly new again. And the house smells clean instead of musty. Great job, highly recommend.
Alexandra Shreve– Beyer Carpet Cleaning cleaned the carpets in my entire house and they look brand new! The carpets were in terrible condition due to my dogs but now all of the stains & smells are completely gone. The quality of service & attention to detail was impressive especially in comparison other carpet cleaning companies I have used in the past. I highly recommend Beyer Carpet Cleaning!!
ben eberle– Elisha came to do the carpets in our 4 bedroom house. we have kids and 2 dogs so needless to say, our carpets were in a state of trauma…ya know kinda like our national debt problem ;) . I had my doubts that they were going to be able to remove all the stains because there were just so many. But when they got done, my floors were Spotless! It was like someone came in and laid brand new carpets! My opinion is there is no other carpet cleaning company in the city even worth giving a dime to other than Beyer Carpet Cleaning. We got a military discount which is important to me since i did my time in the army and 3 tours overseas. It’s great to see a company that appreciates our country’s soldiers…AS A MATTER OF FACT, IF YOU CALL ANYONE ELSE OTHER THAN BEYER CARPET CLEANING, ITS JUST UN AMERICAN OF YOU!
Ross Bender– I cannot say how happy I am with Beyer. It is probably one of the most pleasing, rewarding, valued, customer-centered business you will do with any company. I don’t know the name of the gentleman who did the actual cleaning but he was fantastic. He was right on time, did a VERY thorough job, explained every bit of the process (both before and after), and was super friendly. Every little thing is done right, from the attention to detail while cleaning the carpets (noticing things that no one else would notice), moving furniture around to get everywhere, and being able to pay with a credit card on the spot and get an immediate email receipt. I feel like I am starting to sound like a salesman but I want to explain how much their process is designed to be easy and take care of you, the customer. They will work around your schedule (they started at my place at 5p on a week day) and go the distance to make sure you are happy. Beyer Carpet Cleaning will take care of you for sure and I will definitely be recommending them to anyone else who needs their carpet cleaned.
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J. S.–Beyer Carpet Cleaning Kicks tail!!! they knocked out my whole house in less than 2 hours, were very thorough, i had stains all over my carpets, i probably hadnt cleaned my carpets in a whole year because i had bad experiences with other companies over charging, and trying to sell me all kinds of stuff i didnt need, and only did ok, But Elisha From Beyer did a great Job, got straight to work, and really impressed us. Call these guys if you want to deal with honest folks that get the job done right!
Ray P.– Beyer Carpet Cleaning in San Antonio Cleaned my Apt carpets, area rugs, and car interior, and the results were far better than i even expected..and to top it off they gave a very affordable price. It seems like that really cater to the middle class and arent greedy which is hard to find these days. Great experience to the detail!

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5.0 | 01-21-2014- Review by Selena V.– The company offers great pricing. Professional service. In addition, the technician was very thorough with the cleaning of our carpet and furniture. Highly recommend and we will use this company again. Thank you!

5.0 | 12-22-2013- Review by Luke B.

Their price was very competitive, the cleaning was superior (better than Stanley Steamer). We will use them next time.5.0 | 11-23-2013-Review by Laura V.

They were on time and very professional. I would recommend them.

5.0 | 10-23-2013- Review by James B.  –  After searching for a quality carpet cleaner and dealing with several other companies that promised low prices I finally found Beyer Carpet Cleaners. Their staff was professional and even though I paid a little more than those cut rate companies I couldnt be happier. Great Job Guys!!!!!

5.0 | 10-23-2013- Review by Karina F – It was great quality work. Staff and managers were very helpful. Timely and worked with my schedule. Would recommend to anyone.

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