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Bringing in the New Year with Beyer Carpet Cleaning

    New Year Same Beyer Carpet Cleaning

    Happy New Year from the Beyer Carpet Cleaning Family! A new year means a fresh start for most. Another year to do things different or to accomplish things that have not be achieved in the previous years. For many it’s a time of change. A chance to lose weight or change something about themselves. A new year resolution isn’t just something people plan on doing but companies as well. Beyer Carpet Cleaning entered 2015 with a very successful 2014 and looks forward to keeping the same success.

    Beyer Carpet Cleaning has always and will continue to up keep the same great carpet cleaning services and quality customer service. They have updated their paperwork that the customer signs when completing a job so be sure to read every line before signing. Beyer Carpet Cleaning will be raising their prices this year by just a few dollars but they will continue to be well below the leading competitors prices. However, they will bring out their special $139.99 that everyone loves from time to time so look out for that if you are looking for a great savings. This year Beyer Carpet Cleaning will resolve to continue to be timely and efficient with all carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, and upholstery cleaning jobs. Other than a few price changes Beyer Carpet Cleaning San Antonio will still be your reliable carpet cleaning company.

    Bring in the new year with s big savings. Beyer Carpet Cleaning will have their $139.99 special will be around during their slow season through out January and maybe through spring time. If you are needing a carpet cleaning call them now so you can take advantage while you still have the chance. Once again Happy New Year and here’s to having a successful and prosperous 2015!