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Carpet Cleaning and Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Help Protect Yourself While Protecting Others

With the pandemic everyone across the globe is currently experiencing with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) many are wondering what actions they can take to protect themselves and others from the spread of this virus. Many ask and many don’t think to ask about sanitizing by carpet cleaning. Is carpet cleaning a measure that can be taken to disinfect, prevent or remove germs associated with Coronavirus? The simple answer is, yes!

How carpet cleaning helps protect during Coronavirus Pandemic

Many don’t think about what is living in their carpets. Many don’t think they need carpet cleaning until stains are visible and many think carpet cleaning is good for only removing stains. Truth is that yes, carpet cleaning (steam cleaning) can help remove stains but it does much more than that. Just like all the other surfaces you worry about cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting regularly in your life, carpet also, is exposed to germs, bacteria, virus, fungi, allergens and more. Just because you can’t see it with the naked eye doesn’t mean it’s not there. Steam cleaning carpet is essential to maintaining a clean and sanitary living space for you and your family. Steam cleaning carpet along with the right chemicals and cleaning solutions is the perfect combination to disinfect and combat COVID-19.

What Beyer Carpet Cleaning is doing to protect others

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) currently does not have a vaccine or a cure for the Coronavirus. The CDC states that the novel coronavirus can remain viable for hours to days on surfaces made from a variety of materials. Center for Disease Control and Prevention also states that cleaning of visibly dirty surfaces followed by disinfection is the best practice for prevention of COVID-19 and other viral illnesses in households and businesses. The CDC states that for “soft (porus) surfaces such as carpeted floor, rugs, and drapes, remove visible contamination if present and clean with appropriate cleaners”. Along with cleaning and sanitizing your hands and hard surfaces carpet cleaning is recommended.

From now, mid-March 2020, until the end of April 2020, maybe longer, Beyer Carpet Cleaning is including a CDC approved antimicrobial (disinfectant and sanitizer) cleaning solution to each carpet cleaning service at no extra cost to our customers. Many companies are now adding this disinfectant for an additional fee; however, Beyer Carpet Cleaning understands that at this time things are tight and everyone is worried about their health. Beyer Carpet Cleaning more than understands each situation and wants to help their customers as much as possible. Any extra layers of protection Beyer Carpet Cleaning can provide for you and your family against Coronavirus Beyer wants to make sure they are offering those services. This disinfectant is safe on carpet and helps combat viruses, bacteria, germs, etc.

Other measures Beyer Carpet Cleaning is taking to protect you, not only by steam cleaning your carpet, is by putting in place protocols for each technician as them service each home.

  1. Every technician will abide by the safety measures put into place by our government and healthcare specialists. They will not invade your personal space and stay at least 6 ft away at all times.
  2. Technicians will not touch or move furniture. This will lessen exposure to items that you or someone may touch.
  3. A technician will never work if they are sick or even feeling sick as well as they will not enter the home of a customer that is sick. Less risk less worry.
  4. Technicians will wear gloves, booties and face masks while talking to customers and performing their duties.
  5. Technicians will thoroughly clean their equipment before bringing into a home.
  6. Technicians will wash their hands before and after each cleaning.
  7. Vans are regularly sanitized and cleaned. Everything from the steering wheel to the seats to the body of the vehicle, of course.
  8. Every business vehicle has hand sanitizer for the technician and/or customer’s use.

With all that is going on and all the updates and changes coming out concerning Coronavirus it is important to note that there is no evidence that COVID-19 can be transmitted from soft surfaces like fabric or carpet to humans. However, it is great preventative measure everyone can take to ensure any soft or hard surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized with hot water and a strong disinfectant. Call Beyer Carpet Cleaning today at 210-723-4392 or take advantage of their online booking.

Definition Note:

Disinfectant  & disinfecting refers to using chemicals designed to kill germs. This process does not ensure or guarantee the removal of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) but kills bacteria, virus and fungi that can further lower the risk of spreading infection.

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