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Carpet Cleaning and Your Furniture

    What should you do with your furniture when carpet cleaning

    When you are having your carpets cleaned it is up to you to decide what you want to do with your furniture. If you don’t move your furniture around very often then you probably wouldn’t need to move furniture in order to have your carpets cleaned. However, if you do move your furniture around it is recommended to move it out of the room so the entire carpet can be cleaned.

    Most carpet cleaners do not move furniture unless asked and even then they will charge and may not move everything. If you have extremely heavy furniture they may not be able to move it. Lighter furniture such as sofas, book shelves, end tables, etc. Some carpet cleaning companies will charge by room or by the number of pieces being moved. Beyer Carpet Cleaning does not regularly practice moving any furniture where they would like the carpet to be cleaned. If for any reason the customer needs furniture moved or needs assistants they will be happy to help if asked. They do charge $20 per room but do have limitations on the weight and the type of furniture they will move due to liability reasons. They do not want their techs getting hurt from moving heavy equipment nor do they want to be responsible for things that could be easily broken or damaged such as televisions, china cabinets, musical equipment, and computers. Beyer Carpet Cleaning knows that these type of items are delicate and wouldn’t want to put anything precious to you at risk for damage. Beyer Carpet Cleaning also offers a lower price for carpet cleaning because they do not include furniture moving in their price. They know you may not need furniture moving so why charge you for a service you do not need. Some companies automatically include furniture moving but will charge you hundreds of dollars to do so. Always be sure to ask what your price includes and if you do need furniture to be moved always ask about that service and especially let the tech know when they arrive. Do not assume certain furniture will be moved because it would be unreasonable for a tech to walk into your home and start moving things around that you may not want to be touched. If there is furniture in a room the technician will clean around it and will not disturb the furniture. Also, be aware that not all your furniture will be able to moved back once the carpet cleaning is done. If you have wood stained furniture you could damage your carpet if you move it back and the carpet is still wet. Always be in the know when it comes to carpet cleaning and your furniture.

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