The Beyer Carpet Cleaning Guarantee

In this world companies will promise you almost anything in order to get your business. However, all the promises or guarantees in the world don’t mean a thing if they aren’t upheld. They are worthless promises and don’t help you. At Beyer Carpet Cleaning they don’t guarantee or promise their customers anything they can’t uphold.

Beyer Carpet Cleaning never gives a customer a 100% guarantee when it comes to carpet cleaning. They know that some stains are set in and will not come out with just one cleaning or may never come out. They always give a 95% guarantee for carpet cleaning San Antonio. They also don’t have a 100% guarantee for pet treatment or any kind of special treatment for the same reasons. You can never tell off the bat if something is going to work 100% or not, so it’s best not to guarantee that it will. However, there are a few things they do guarantee. They guarantee 100% customer satisfaction at the time of service. At the time of service if the customer is not happy then they don’t have to pay until they are. This is why it is important to inspect the work before they leave your home. Once they leave then their guarantee expires because anything can happen to your carpets once they are gone and they cannot know for sure if it is the companies problem or if the customer is trying to get a free carpet cleaning after their mistake. Never let the carpet cleaning techs leave without being sure everything is up to your standards. Another they guarantee is that they will be at your home during the scheduled window time. Beyer Carpet Cleaning has a 2 hour window of arrival in order to ensure timely arrival and give them enough time to finish a job and get to the next place. The service business is unpredictable. Sometimes a job that typically takes an hour can take longer if there is some kind of issue or particular way the job has to be done or the condition of the carpets. Carpets that are thicker can take longer to clean because it takes more man power to push the cleaning wand and get the carpet clean. No matter what the situation is Beyer Carpet Cleaning will always be at your home on the scheduled date.

When you use Beyer Carpet Cleaning there are no maybes when it comes to outstanding customer service. They have 5 stars across the internet because of their attention to detail and customer service. They will not promise something they can’t deliver. So give them a call today!

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