Rug Cleaning the right way

Just as your carpets need to be cleaned through out the year so do your rugs. If you have rugs that you are frequently used in your home then you should be having them professionally cleaned. If your carpets attract allergens, dust, and stains why wouldn’t your rugs do the same?

Rug cleaning is important for all the same reasons that carpet cleaning is important. You should have your rugs cleaned every time you have your carpets cleaned in order to ensure the healthiest living conditions for you and your family. Rug cleaning San Antonio isn’t hard to have done especially if you have ordinary rugs (which most of us do). Some rugs that have long fibers or are shaggy need special attention in order to thoroughly have them cleaned but most have short flat fibers that can easily be cleaned. If you have an oriental or some type of special rug made out of fine fabrics it is important to notify your carpet cleaner. These type of rugs need to be gently cleaned as there is a lot of risk of color leaking. It is recommended to send oriental rugs to special factories that clean these rugs so they can press them through rolling machines; however, if you are not wanting to spend a fortune to clean your rugs steam cleaning is the next best option.

When you use Beyer Carpet Cleaning they include a full service clean with each rug cleaning. This means they will steam clean, vacuum, pre-spray, and deodorizer your rug so you can have the best clean. ¬†They do not charge an arm and a leg so it doesn’t cost very much to have your rugs cleaned. They take special care of each rug so that they can be as clean as possible.