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There are so many carpet cleaning companies in San Antonio. You have your fair share of small mom and pop companies to large corporations to your craig’s list individual. All of these companies or individuals want you to call them for your carpet cleaning. They try to offer the lowest prices and promise you the world. However, not all the promises can make you happy with the outcome of their service or carpet cleaning.

When someone calls into Beyer Carpet Cleaning they are greeted by a friendly administrator ready to help with any questions and schedule an appointment. Once you are scheduled they will over everything to expect when having your carpets cleaned. Then on the day of your carpet cleaning the technician will walk through the home with you and go over everything once again. They will let you know would should come out and what might not and what may need an additional service to try to remove from the carpet cleaning. No carpet cleaner should ever promise to remove 100% of all your stains. Most professional carpet cleaners use one solution that will remove most stains but not all. It’s impossible to know the components of each stain or the severity of the stain. Some stains actually dye the carpet and cannot be removed unless an undying treatment is tried. Some stains go through the carpet and into the padding which means you will have to either replace the carpet and padding or have injections preformed which are very costly. Beyer Carpet Cleaning guarantees to remove 95% of all spots and stains. They never over promise on something they can’t deliver. Once the customer knows what to expect to come out and what may not the tech will begin the cleaning. Every once in a while stains that they thought wouldn’t come out do. If you are satisfied with the service then with your signature of approval they will charge you for the services you want. If for any reason a customer is unsatisfied with their carpet cleaning they do not have to pay. Call into the office and they will try to resolve any issues. Once everything is resolved and you are happy with your carpet cleaning then you will pay.

Beyer Carpet Cleaning stays true to their word and never unexpectedly changes the price. There are no hidden fees or sales pressure. You pay for what you want. There is no carpet cleaner that can provide this type of service the way Beyer Carpet Cleaning does.

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