Beyer’s Premium Full Service San Antonio Carpet Cleaning + Teflon Sealant Protected in all rooms

WHOLE HOUSE  $299 (<2k sq. feet) Save up to $200!

3-ROOMS & HALL $199 Saves up to $100!


    • All flat surfaces of carpeting, up to 2,000 square feet.
    • Pre-treatment, All Rooms
    • Teflon Carpet Sealant in All Rooms (Scotch Guard™ or similar treatment)
    • Pet-treatment, 1 Room
      (enzyme, emulsifier, citrus solvents, a sweet smelling deodorizer)
  • Truck Mounted Steam Clean on All Rooms
  • 100% SATISFACTION! We’re proud of our Customer Satisfaction. If at any time you feel uneasy, speak up! We are experienced and have encountered many situations. We don’t mind explaining or addressing any issues you see.

See For Yourself Now!


We have updated the Diamond Package specials on carpet cleaning in 2018! This package not only includes your whole house up to 2,000 feet of flat surface; it is our premium service. All the extras also include teflon carpet sealant in all your rooms, and quick dry. This Diamond package normally runs at $399 but for our Spring And Summer specials we are discounting to $299. It’s the best deal out there!


The teflon carpet sealant will protect your carpets for approximately 7-9 months. If you have any spills, just blot the stain with a dry rag or towel. Then simply vacuum the area and no stains should “set” into your carpet. For more aggressive spills, having your clean carpets sealed means you can simply flush the area with hot water, and dry carefully with a towel. Carpet Sealing is a must if you don’t want your carpets to get worn, and bleached; turning a dingy gray. It’s important to know that the difference between simply dirt, and traffic ways which look dull because of damaged or frayed fibers.

Damaged areas will never be 100% rid of the dingy look once it starts. Frayed, or heavily matted carpet fibers, cannot be compared to healthy looking carpet that is just dirty. We can advise you on what to look for before hiring a professional carpet cleaner. By servicing with quality sealant once a year, you can dramatically slow the process of wear and tear, which gives your carpets years of longer lifespan.

Get the most out of your carpet, and your dollar, Order the Diamond Package from Beyer Carpet Cleaning now before the promotion changes again! Many companies charge as much as 2X more to receive these services, or even less! A whole house without the extras is often near $450+ and we only charge $299. Our discounts are unbeatable, we’ve been told too good to be true. If someone says they can beat our price or or quality of service, get a quote and bring it to me. Chances are good, I can honor or beat any quality competitors prices and service, without giving you a discount or cutting corners on your carpet. We’re not dancers, we don’t cut a rug. This is simple business about the professional sanitation of your home or business floors. This not a dance or game.

Beyer Carpet Cleaning has no hidden charges, disposal, or hazmat fees like many competitors. What we say we charge is what we actually charge for the services listed. We’re a local family owned business and we take pride in the quality of our work. Our employees are like our extended family and they work hard and we train only the best. Don’t be disappointed with an equipment rental that can never compare with our truck mounted system.

Don’t feel cheated paying more to hire some Big Name Company who may even do passable work. Don’t be blinded by price gouging competition and advertising! Beyer Carpet Cleaning strives to offer the highest level of quality at the fairest price. Some businesses charge what the market bears, we charge what we’re worth and we discount where we can! Military? Community Service Professional (Fire, EMT, Police)? Single Parent struggling to impress your boss? Mention that please to see if you qualify for a small discount towards your services.

We are dedicated to clean soft carpets for every customer. Call Beyer Carpet Cleaning Now!