Beyer’s Premium Full Service San Antonio Carpet Cleaning + Teflon Sealant Protected in all rooms, and Quick Dry


3ROOMS & HALL WAS – $300 NOW $249


  • FULL SERVICE / “BEST SERVICE CARPET CLEANING” with enzyme, emulsifier, citrus solvents, a sweet smelling deodorizer & HOT STEAM

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We are rolling out out Diamond Package specials on carpet cleaning. This pack not only includes our whole house best service but it also include teflon carpet sealant in all your rooms, and quick dry. This Diamond package normally runs at $350 but for our Spring And Summer specials we are discounting to $269. It’s the best deal out there! Our DETAILS ABOUT WHAT THE DIAMOND PACKAGE INCLUDES: The teflon carpet sealant will protect your carpets for approximately 7-9 months. If you have any spills all you’ll have to do it blot the stain with a dry rag or towel and then vacuum the area and no stains should appear or set in to your carpet, or simply flush with hot water, then blot dry. Even MORE importantly, the sealant is a must if you do not want your carpets do get worn, turning a dingy gray (the difference between gray or dark dirt and traffic ways that are damaged, is that these damaged areas CANNOT BE 100% rid of the dingy look once it starts to happen, because damage is caused by damaged, frayed, or heavily matted carpet fibers, compared to healthy looking carpet that is just dirty. By getting serviced with a quality sealant once a year, you can dramatically slow the process of wear/tear, and damage, which will give your carpets years and years of longer lifespan. Additionally, included in this Package, is our Quick Dry. This is a powerful industrial air fan that will dry your carpets as we clean. Once we leave your home, your carpets will TYPICALLY dry in half the time or less, that it would normally have dried. Without quick dry, you should expect 6-8 hours average to dry the surface of the carpet. Fortunately With this Diamond Package, it is included so expect dry time to be about Half that or less.. You get a lot for your money when you order the Diamond package from Beyer Carpet Cleaning. Most reputable companies will charge TWICE the amount or more in order for you to receive all of these services. Just for a whole house without extras most will charge somewhere near $300+++ and we only charge $169. Our discounts are unbeatable. If someone says they can beat our price or our specials, they are usually hiding something from you, or you will receive a service that was not all what you expected. Beyer Carpet Cleaning has no hidden charges, disposal, or hazmat fees like most larger competitors. What we say we charge is what we actually charge. If we say we are going to provide a service it will be exactly what you thought it would be. Don’t be fooled into hiring Big Name Companies who although may do decent work, are all typically in the business of gouging eyes out with price. For example, Most big business would charge nearly double for similar comparable services, due to them having a large overhead, and a hefty advertising budget. Use Us! Get the Fairest Price for the high quality service We are dedicated to carry out with every customer. Get the most for your money when it comes to San Antonio Carpet Cleaning.