We also provide: Emergency flood water extraction, Water removal and Restoration by Beyer Carpet Cleaning in San Antonio.

Contact Beyer Carpet Cleaning today if you come across a water leak or flood in your home. We will  take the immediate needed steps to fix and help prevent any further water damage. Emergency water removal does not have to be the most stressful experience of your life if you let us help guide you through the steps. In most cases if you catch a leak, and act quickly, things will be much less costly. In cases such as leaks, overflows, or any need for emergency water removal San Antonio   , look no further for when it comes to all your water mitigation needs. We service everything from removing all moisture, drying, and dehumidification, anti-fungal applications, and carpet cleaning. Let Our restoration department assist you in finding the most comprehensive and affordable  Water Damage Restoration San Antonio.

What a saved headache! Need emergency service?  Call us right away! Typically, we can begin fixing your problem Same Day. Beyer Carpet Cleaning works on your side to make any loss fully whole again and up to par with satisfaction. Our Restoration Manager will regularly be in contact with you walking you through the steps we take.  When homeowners need the best price and service in Emergency water removal in San Antonio, flood restoration, water damage, water restoration, or carpet cleaning, in San Antonio , they come to Beyer Carpet Cleaning.


Our Restoration Manager will record and document all possessions, and areas of home effected by the water. Our emergency water extraction and restoration San Antonio services include a free inspection. Once we reach your home, we assess all the affected area and with moisture meters. Then, We try to find out the possible source of the water damage, if it has not already been determined.

(If we were the first call you made and you need help finding a plumber, to stop the source of a leak we may be able to assist you)

We completely dry the carpet & padding, deodorize, And take precautions to help prevent mildew growth and sanitize all the affected contaminated areas. After this process, Beyer Carpet Cleaning Restoration Team will use water damage mitigation equipment such as dehumidifiers, air movers, water extraction truck-mounted units, and hard surface drying equipment. Minimal equipment will be left at your home to ensure complete dryness and removal of any remaining moisture. Once all the water has been extracted, and treated, we will schedule a check up or Two, in order to watch progress and make adjustments if needed. If any of the area is still found damp, Our team will then revisit the site to determine if there is any further need for drying. Call Beyer at 210-723-4392 for Emergency water removal San Antonio.

When the Drying Process is complete, we will perform all full service cleaning of all carpets that are connected to the area being serviced