Beyer Carpet Cleaning Your Professional Carpet Cleaner

Everyone wants to have clean, fresh, good looking carpet, right? So what do they do to take care of it? Usually, people will either call a professional carpet cleaning company or they will try to take care of it their-self. Although, doing it yourself may appear to be the cheapest and most convenient way, you may be doing more harm than good.

They doing it yourself method or DIY has many pros but what may not be realized is that if you are using over the counter products to spot treat your are leaving behind chemicals. These chemicals may or may not be harmful to your health but it defiantly isn’t good for the health of your carpet. Even so called “green” products for spots are being left behind because there is no effects way to extract it all without using powerful professional equipment. So what happens when these products are left behind and cleaned out thoroughly? Well, one side effect is that it could attract more dirt and leave an even uglier stain, especially if it a soap based product. It could discolor your carpet. Even if it is a very minor discoloration no one wants their carpet to look off. Discoloration is a very common situation and many don’t notice it right away and think great it worked let me use in another area! Then guess what? That area becomes discolored too and before you know it you have a bunch spots that don’t match the rest of the carpet. DIY carpet cleaning machines often use soap as a cleaning method and as mentioned before will leave residue behind that will only attract dirt. Also, with these machines they aren’t as nearly as powerful as professional carpet cleaning equipment. You run the risk of over watering or maybe even under watering because your scared of putting too much in. Too much water means there is a greater risk of mold and mildew to grow and no one wants that. It also means you’ll have to walk around on wet carpet for a longer period of time, which let’s face it, is just plain annoying!

Professional carpet cleaning San Antonio may not be your first choice but it is the best choice. Carpet cleaning is hard work so why not let a pro handle it! With a professional carpet cleaning from Beyer Carpet Cleaning will mean 1) you have the best clean possible 2) you will not over soaked carpets 3) it only takes a few hours to dry 4) you won’t have to break your back or bank to have it done. Cleaning your carpets yourself is hard work and gross. With a Beyer Carpet Cleaning technician he can have your carpets looking like new again within just a few hours. With their industrial spot treatment you do not run a risk of carpet discoloration or chemicals being left in the carpet. Beyer Carpet Cleaning will only use the chemicals that are proper for your carpet type and even better is that most products are environmentally friendly. You, your family, and pets will be safe around our products. The only time something harsh is ever used is when you have something uncommon that requires additional work like red stains, ink, wax, grease or anything that can actually damage your carpet. Beyer Carpet Cleaning San Antonio has the equipment and products that will have you have saying “I am so glad I called Beyer Carpet Cleaning.”

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