Do’s and Don’ts of Carpet Cleaning

There are many methods San Antonio Carpet Cleaning Companies use. Here at Beyer Carpet Cleaning we use the most effective methods in order to give you, the customer, the most effective Carpet Cleaning in San Antonio result that exists. We get your carpet the cleanest they can get by any carpet cleaner in San Antonio!


These are the absolute musts:

  1. A truck mounted unit that can reach over 200 degrees of hot steam. Steam cleaning should be applied with a top of the line carpet wand or form of circular rotovac.
  2. Presray (spot treatment) with enzymes, emulsifiers, citrus solvents, and deodorizer should be included with every “full service” or “best service”. 100% guaranteed cleaning!
  3. Dry Passing techniques must be performed so that your carpet does not stay damp for an inappropriate amount of time. Carpet cleaning should only leave the carpet damp for an average of 4 to 6 hours.
  4. If the customer has “dye” stains (red) or “traumatic” (wax, oil, etc.) stains your carpet cleaner must be equipped to handle those situations as needed.
  5. The San Antonio Carpet Cleaning company of your choice must be fully equipped to handle pet urine properly and efficiently (keeping in mind there are many different types of pet issues).

NO NO’S; NEVER ALLOW San Antonio Carpet Cleaning Companies to allow use of:

  1. NO portable machines that have no proper power, suction, or heat to sanitize or remove proper or improper chemical, stains, or dirt.
  2. NO “shampoos” or “detergents” = soapy, sticky, stiff carpet that attracts more dust and dirt.
  3. NEVER Buy or Rent a Do-it-Yourself machine. It’s a nightmare with the some of the same problems as listed above.
  4. NEVER hire a San Antonio carpet cleaning company without a web site or legitimate internet reviews – THE HORROR STORIES WILL MAKE YOU TREMBLE.
  5. IF YOU ARE GETTING CHARGED NEAR $400 or more FOR JUST A “FULL SERVICE” San Antonio Carpet Cleaning….and nothing more you are getting “fooly” (not fully) SERVED.
  6. NEVER be charged additional for a BASIC deodorizer, it’s standard. IF you are paying for a “full or best service cleaning” DO NOT get nickeled and dimmed.
  7. “Dry carpet cleaning” is not recommended (only based on customer feedback).

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