Upholstery Cleaning

You get home from work, after a long stressful day, and what is the fist thing you do? Well if you’re anything like me you will kick your shoes off, put your bags down, and plop right down on your couch. But did you know that unless you have had upholstery cleaning on your furniture, that you are essentially relaxing on that oh so comfy couch, with a million different germs?

It’s really not pleasant to think about all the things that are sitting right there with you, waiting for the chance to get on you. Anything that has a porous surface, like upholstery, is a breeding ground for germs. You can spray your counter tops with bleach or disinfectant, and most of the germs have no where to hide, so they die! But even if you spray your furniture with disinfectant, the fact is, you will not be able to kill all the germs.

When spills happen on your upholstery, and you try to scrub it out, it never really comes out because you are not able to suck out the water put down to pick up the stain.

Using a professional for upholstery cleaning san antonio is one way to get not just clean furniture, but to give yourself peace of mind. You will have peace of mind knowing that after your hard day of work, you are not relaxing with a million microscopic germs. Not to mention, your upholstery cleaning will have your furniture looking GREAT!

Beyer Carpet Cleaning San Antonio takes pride in creating a clean, sanitary environment for you and your family. We only use name brand, top of the line, green chemicals that are safe for you and your children, and pets, but the germs do not have a chance! Our truck mounted machines are able to reach high temperatures, and are powerful enough to suck out the water (and germs). Leave your furniture looking clean, smelling clean, and know that they really are clean!

upholstery cleaning