Carpet Cleaning The Better Way

There are so many forms of carpet cleaning and carpet cleaners out there that it can be hard to choose. Is it better to do it yourself or hire a pro? Which the cheapest way? Is it safe to put shampoo and over the counter chemicals in my carpet? Well, there is a simple answer to all these questions. The answer is choose the better way.

Do it yourself carpet cleaning my appear to be cheap and safe but the truth is that store bought or rented machines are not good for your carpet cleaning. They will appear to get rid of some of your spots and stains but not all and some of those that disappeared may reappear soon! These machines also require you to use their shampooers which will leave residue in the carpet because the machine doesn’t have the powerful suction it needs to remove it all. Leftover shampoo residue only leads to one thing, dirty carpet. All that residue will because sticky and will attract dirt and everything else leaving you with dirtier carpets than before. After the cost of the rental and all the extra chemicals you will have to purchase the cost will come pretty close to some of the professionals out there. As far as over the counter chemicals, never use them! There is a reason why in the directions on these bottles it says to test a hidden area before using. These chemicals could have a reaction with whatever you’re trying to get out or whatever has or will be in your carpets. So many times people complain that a professional carpet cleaner ruined their carpets but the truth is if you have put an over the counter product in your carpet and it wasn’t properly cleaned out it will react with the chemicals of a pro and may discolor or ruin your carpet. Over the counter products are never safe and are not guaranteed to be safe with small children and pets. Never put anything in your carpet that you cannot 100% guarantee will come right out, completely.

Professional carpet cleaners, like Beyer Carpet Cleaning, only use top of the line, professional, green products. Their $20,000 machines compared to cheap $100-$200 store bought machines have the power to remove everything that is put down and then some. Store bought machines cannot get as hot in order to kill all the germs and bacterial and properly sterilize the carpet. Professional carpet cleaning can and will rid germs and bacteria. Professional carpet cleaning companies, like Beyer, use safe products that small children and pets can be around. Always, research your professional before scheduling an appointment. With Beyer Carpet Cleaning, the cost of having your carpets professionally cleaned will come very close to that of a rental or purchased steam cleaner.

Beyer Carpet Cleaning never disappoints, never over charges, and never leaves a customer unsatisfied. They want the customer to choose them every time over any other professional or machine you could possibly rent or buy in store. Beyer Carpet Cleaning is the reformed way, the better way of carpet cleaning!