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Creating a Clean Living Space with Carpet Cleaning

Clean Living Space

Living in a clean home, office, car or any type of space that you will spend time in is much needed. Clean living promotes a healthy life style and sense of safety. Sitting in filth can cause the opposite effect and impact your day to day living. When cooking and handling meats you are to sanitize and disinfect your hands, surfaces, cooking utensils and so on. You defiantly wouldn’t want to eat food prepared in a dirty restaurant or kitchen. So how do you prepare a clean living space?

Creating a Clean Living Space

There are several methods everyone takes to have a cleaning space. Many use disinfectant wipes and cleaners to sanitize surfaces such as counters. They will wash their vehicles with soap and water. Take out the trash. Dust furniture and blinds. Vacuum their carpets and mop their floors. The list is endless but one thing that often gets overlooked is carpet cleaning. Carpet cleaning is essential to having a cleaning living space. Steam cleaning carpet sanitizes your carpet by removing dirt and germs that you didn’t even know where there. Just because your carpet may not “look” dirty doesn’t mean they are clean. Vacuuming will only do so much and defiantly does not sanitize or remove everything in your carpet. If anything dust will accumulate and germs will continue to thrive. Dust build up is a number one cause of home allergens and permanent damage. Steam cleaning with the right disinfectant chemical just as you use to clean other surfaces will help remove dirt and combat virus, bacteria and allergens. If you do have stains such as food or drink spills when steam cleaning with the right spot treatment that should help remove most common stains. Creating a clean living space isn’t just about what can be seen it is also about the unseen. It is generally, a great practice to steam clean carpet every 6 months or 3 months depending on the amount of traffic you get in your homes. Walking around your carpet with shoes, luggage or anything that you bring in from the outside will more than likely not be sanitized. We rarely think about what is on our shoes are walking through or what we’ve been rolling our luggage through while traveling. You are walking and rolling through so many different types of bacteria, germs, fungi and much more. Then you take those with you into your vehicles and then into your homes. It’s GROSS!! You must maintain clean carpet, upholstery and tile and do so regularly. It is especially important to sanitize and disinfect now with the Coronavirus effecting people’s health and the everyday life of our country.

Disinfect and Sanitize

Beyer Carpet Cleaning San Antonio is on your side and here to help you sanitize and disinfect your homes. With so many options in town and so many methods of cleaning, steam cleaning carpet with Beyer Carpet Cleaning is defiantly the route to take. A hot steam clean at least 180-200 degrees is your best friend when it comes to sanitizing. Portable cleaners or ones that can be rented will not get this hot and will not achieve the level of clean you need or are looking for. At this time to help with concerns about Coronavirus, Beyer Carpet Cleaning is including a CDC and EPA approved antimicrobial. This disinfectant will help sanitize and combat viruses and bacteria in the carpet. Disinfect your carpet as an added layer of protection because you won’t regret it!

This is a coupon for Beyer's Carpet Cleaning Service. you don't have to print it, just reference it online. This service is discounted to $189 for Most mid-large size houses!!
This is a coupon for Beyer’s Carpet Cleaning Service. you don’t have to print it, just reference it online. This service is discounted to $189 for Most mid-large size houses!!
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