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Upholstery Cleaning

    Upholstery Cleaning with Beyer

    Next to carpet cleaning, tile & grout cleaning Beyer Carpet Cleaning is the best when it comes to upholstery cleaning in San Antonio. They have always cleaned upholstery such as microfiber, cotton, tweed and many other fabrics. As of now, Beyer Carpet Cleaning has jumped into the leather cleaning game! Beyer Carpet Cleaning has upped their upholstery cleaning skills in order to satisfy and maintain a healthy balance of customers. Adapting and adjusting to the demands and needs of customers is the only way a company can survive. Being a family owned and operated company doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself. It just means there is more room to grow, expand and listen to the voice of customers. When Beyer Carpet Cleaning says upholstery cleaning it also doesn’t stop at sofa cleaning. Upholstery cleaning includes a wide range of items such as mattresses, car interiors, dinning chairs, and much more.

    Beyer’s Upholstery Cleaning Process

    Beyer Carpet Cleaning only uses top of the line products and equipment when it comes to cleaning any and everything. The process for cleaning most upholstery isn’t that different from carpet cleaning. The only difference is that a lower PSI (water pressure) is used to clean so your upholstery doesn’t become drenched with too much water that can’t be extracted through those thick cushions. Over saturating would mean you would left with water in your upholstery which could lead to it smelling like mildew and possibly mold growth and no one wants that. It could be nearly impossible to reverse this and may lead to you having to purchase new furniture which is a big headache no one wants. With Beyer Carpet Cleaning they are careful and focused on maintaining a quality upholstery cleaning and the integrity of your upholstery. Their upholstery cleaning includes a spot treatment and mild deodorizer to help remove common stains and freshen up your upholstery. It also includes a full vacuum and they clean every side. If the cushions detach they will remove them to clean both sides of the cushion and vacuum out those pesky cracks. Upholstery cleaning should be a cringing experience but rather an exciting one. Excitement to see your upholstery going from dirty to clean! Every adults dream, right? 🙂

    When it comes to leather the process it different, of course. Steam should not be applied on leather upholstery. Leather upholstery cleaning involves a full vacuum, applying a polish type product to clean the surface and a conditioner. The cleaner and conditioner are applied with a rag and the leather upholstery is wiped down thoroughly to make sure product isn’t left on the surface. This will clean and make the leather look better but if there are cracks in the leather this isn’t a magic repair cleaning. It is only cleaning to refresh and sanitize the leather.

    How Expensive is Upholstery Cleaning?

    Usually, the first question people think of when considering getting their upholstery cleaned is, how expensive is upholstery cleaning? How much is this going to cost me? Well, as usual with Beyer Carpet Cleaning, their prices tend to be on the lower end compared to their competitors. As of right now, they have a coupon out where you can get a sofa and love seat or any two pieces cleaned for just $139.99. Of course, when it comes to leather, vehicle interiors, mattresses and dinning chairs the price varies but they still offer a great and affordable price. Beyer Carpet Cleaning is a family owned and operated company so they can afford to give price breaks to their customers without charging an arm and a leg for a quality clean. You can always count on Beyer Carpet Cleaning to provide a quality cleaning for a great price no matter what you are looking to get done. From upholstery cleaning to tile & grout cleaning to carpet cleaning Beyer Carpet Cleaning is the go to company in San Antonio!

    At $139 for uphostery cleaning, you will be sitting pretty in no time! (Sofa + Loveseat)
    At $139 for upholstery cleaning, you will be sitting pretty in no time! (Sofa + Loveseat)

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