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Tile and Grout Cleaning with Beyer

    Tile and Grout Cleaning with Beyer Carpet Cleaning

    More importantly than taking care of your carpet is taking care of your tile and grout. People often assume that mopping or using some kind of surface cleaner will do the trick but over time that way of thinking will prove to be wrong! Mopping and cleaning your tile with over the counter products is not enough. Often, germs, bacteria, grime and so much more are left to live on your floors. Not only that but grout can easily become stained and turn colors over the course of time. All the mopping in the world will not undo this. So what are your choices? You can always do a tough cleaning on your hands and knees with a toothbrush or some type of brush with a bristle to scrub and scrub and scrub. In the end you may get the out come you wanted but not without a headache and heartache. It will take forever to do a tile and grout cleaning this way. You will go thru brushes because the bristles will wear out, it is very timely and overall there will always be some grime left behind. Your second option would be to hire a professional tile and grout cleaning company such as Beyer Carpet Cleaning. It takes half or less of the time to clean, your tile will be sanitized and best of all you won’t have to break a sweat!

    Tile and Grout Cleaning Process

    Carpet cleaning is in the name Beyer Carpet Cleaning so commonly they get asked if they also clean tile and grout and the answer is, yes! Beyer Carpet Cleaning cleans tile and grout almost as often as they clean carpet. They use top of the line cleaners and machinery to make sure each cleaning is the best it possible can be. It does take time to accomplish, especially around those pesky corners and counters, but they make it happen. So what is included in a professional tile and grout cleaning? Well, at Beyer Carpet Cleaning they put down an alkaline cleaner which is used to help remove all that dirt and grime. Then they scrub it with an industrial brush which has a long handle so there is no need to get on their hands and knees. Once all the tile and grout has been thoroughly scrubbed they go over it with a steam cleaner. This not only wets the tile but sprays pressure to help lift that dirt and grime and extract it. The steam is also killing and getting rid of the germs and bacteria mops leave behind. The great thing about Beyer Carpet Cleaning is not only can they clean your floors tile and grout but as well as your shower! How awesome is that!! It’s pretty much the same process with smaller equipment, of course, but the best clean possible to help rid that calcium build up and so much more.

    Is Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning Expensive?

    No lie, tile and grout cleaning professionally can get pricy; especially if you go with one of the other competitors in San Antonio. It can run anywhere from $0.75 per square foot to $0.90 per sq ft. Overall, it doesn’t seem to be much but once you start measuring and calculating it doesn’t take too much square footage to start pushing the cost into the hundreds or even thousands. If the tile and grout in your home is minimal it may run you a couple of hundred dollars. Its when your tile and grout is in many areas (living room, kitchen, hallway, etc.) is where it can really start costing you. With Beyer Carpet Cleaning they are on the lower end of the pricing range with only $0.70 per sq ft. They are usually on the cheaper end of all types of cleanings when compared to other professionals. Beyer Carpet Cleaning likes to not only be fair with their pricing but also gain loyal customers for the long run because without those customers it is hard for family owned businesses to survive. It is also because they are a family owned business that they can offer customers lower and more affordable pricing.

    What Other Tile and Grout Services Does Beyer Offer?

    Beyer Carpet Cleaning not only offers the best tile and grout cleaning in San Antonio but they now offer the best price to seal your tile and grout. After spending money to have new tile and grout installed or cleaned why not seal it? Sealing your tile and grout will mean years of original coloring and clean floors. With sealed tile and grout messes and stains won’t damage your original flooring. It also means that you will have to clean your tile and grout less often than normal. At only $0.25 per sq ft sealing your tile and grout professionally is the route to take! So call Beyer Carpet Cleaning because you won’t regret it!!

    At $0.75/sq.ft for Tile Grout Cleaning service, you'll be thrilled with how your floors shine! (Ask about grout sealing)
    At $0.75/sq.ft for Tile Grout Cleaning service, you’ll be thrilled with how your floors shine! (Ask about grout sealing)