A Day in the Life of Carpet Cleaning San Antonio

To own a business is both a curse and a blessing as some would say. This saying couldn’t be any truer in the carpet cleaning realm. When Beyer Carpet Cleaning first opened everyday seemed to bring a new challenge, a new learning experience. Here is some insight of what they have and do deal with.

Everyday Beyer Carpet Cleaning has to be in constant contact with their technicians. Knowing where they are, ETA to their appointments, making sure vehicles are running properly and are fully stocked. They also need to know if a customer paid by cash or credit card this way they can keep track of cash and make sure it doesn’t go into the wrong hands! The expense of running a carpet cleaning van varies day to day. Having to keep up with day to day maintenance such as fuel and cleanliness. Then you have your time to time like oil changes, filter changes, battery, engine, and that good stuff that goes along with owning any vehicle. Then their paperwork to be entered, taxes to be paid, answering the phone to book customers. Not only are they booking new customers but dealing with complaints. Complaints don’t happen often with Beyer Carpet Cleaning but with all service based companies not every costumer is so easily pleased. They petty complaints like the tech didn’t use a tool in a way they wish he had or stains not being removed that are under their list of stains that aren’t removed by a standard cleaning. Everything is explained over the phone to each customer so they have an idea what to expect and then again at the time of service. At the time of service the customer is to sign a form that explains the cleaning process and stains and sign off the work was done to their satisfaction. However, this does not stop customers from calling in about something that was out of Beyer’s control or that is not covered and was explained. Whatever the situation is Beyer Carpet Cleaning is willing to do what they seem fit to fix the situation but for some it still isn’t enough. On top of all the mayhem in the office and out in the field Beyer Carpet Cleaning has family to deal with. When your tech is a family member sometimes it can be a sticky situation but it doesn’t stop them from providing the best service and getting their jobs done.

Beyer Carpet Cleaning is reliable and can tackle anything that comes their way. A day in the life of carpet cleaning be hectic but being able to make something that was once dirty clean again brings joy to so many; so in the end all the headaches are worth it.